• following in the footsteps of our holy father dominic

  • Nine Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic
  • St. Dominic spent long hours in church every night, praying that the men and women he had preached to during the day would turn back to God. He had nine different ways of praying, each of which involved the body. He understood the complex intertwining of body and soul that makes us human, and  knew that taking a reverent position before our Lord helps us to remember that we are truly in His presence. It also reminds us of the great humility we should have before God. As we pray with our Holy Father St. Dominic, we also join our prayers for the world with his: "My God, have mercy! What will become of sinners?" In the same way, the nuns are called to "follow Jesus as he withdraws into solitude to pray." 

  • Our Life, Our Sweetness, and our Hope

    We cherish a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, Queen of Apostles and Virgins, and of course Our Lady of the Rosary. Our community prays a third part of the rosary in common every day except Sunday, when we pray it privately. We also express our love for Mary by having a votive Mass and singing the Litany of Loreto in her honor each Saturday. The month of May is dedicated to her as well, and every evening during that month we have a procession to our shrine of Mary, Our Lady of the Pines while singing her litany. 

    This lovely statue of Mary and the Child Jesus giving the Rosary to St. Dominic is on the left side inside our extern chapel.

  • Rosary statue at the Dominican Monastery of the Infant Jesus, Lufkin TX