Dominican Monastic Life

  • St Dominic with some of the first Dominican Nuns
  • St. Dominic with some of the first nuns

  • Dominican Nuns at the Monastery of the Infant Jesus
  • St. Dominic with some of the nuns at our monastery today

  • Devoted  Completely to God

    In 1206, St. Dominic converted a group of nine women from the Albigensian heresy to Catholicism.. He established them in a house in a small town in southern France called Prouilhe. St. Dominic himself frequently came to help, teach, and encourage these first nuns; in fact, as an early nun wrote. They studied to learn about the true Christian faith, did penance and some manual labor, and most of all prayed for the success of the Holy Preaching, which was carried out by St. Dominic and the friars who joined him. These practices became the four pillars of Dominican spirituality: prayer, work, study and community. Our monastery traces its lineage back to the first foundation in Prouilhe, which is still functioning as a  Dominican monastery today

    Today, the friars, sisters and laity of the Order carry out the Holy Preaching in the world, while the cloistered nuns preach by interceding with God for men and women all over the world from their monasteries,.