Community Life

  • Dominican nuns on a walk
  • "Let all accept and cherish one another as members of the same body..." 

    This can be a challenge, but it is more often a joy. Each of us has a special gift to offer to the community--there are no "ordinary" or "unimportant" members. .When we strive to live this out, thanking God for the gifts He has given each sister, we are truly following our holy father St. Dominic, of whom it was said, "No one was ever more community minded, no one more joyous." 

  • Dominican nun in the snow
  • Our Life

    We are a community of women diverse in every way: age, race, country of origin, personal tastes, talents. In other words, we are all strong-minded individuals striving to live together peacefully. Even more, we are called to be true sisters to each other--not just strangers who happen to live under one roof and pray in one chapel. Instead, we strive to follow the ideals set forth by St. Augustine in his Rule (see left).

  • Dominican nuns playing Sequence
  • "...a living example of that reconciliation of all things through Christ..." 

    There's a saying: "If you've met one Dominican, you've met one Dominican!" And it's true. Come and see!