Community Life

  • Dominican nuns at New Year's ceremony
  • "Let all accept and cherish one another as members of the same body..." 

    We try to be good community people--not hermits--imitating our holy father Dominic, of whom it was said, "No one was ever more community minded, no one more joyous." 

  • Dominican nun in the snow
  • Our Life

    We are a community of women of all ages, races, and nationalities. We all see the world differently, but we are united by our . love for God and our desire to preach His word through our Dominican cloistered contemplative life. 

  • Dominican nuns playing Sequence
  • "...a living example of that reconciliation of all things through Christ..." 

    There's a saying: "If you've met one Dominican, you've met one Dominican!" And it's true. Come and see!